Cloud9 Desktop App for Windows

Cloud9 IDE is very productive even with its usage only through browser, its intergrated terminal for quickly running commands and manage AES environment is helpful. As detailed in the earlier post on setting up AWS cloud9 environment as main IDE in cloud/browser, got to know cloud9 IDE running as MacOS native app , this is based on Nativefier, which convert web apps to native apps as required for MacOS,Linux,Windows.

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Personal,Affordable Hosted Email in cloud

Personal/Business hosted email services from Google Gsuite, Office 365, AWS workmail etc are default choice for most pro users. Main advantage of these managed email services are large mailbox (upto 50G), archive/retention capability and other integrations with third party services. typical costs of these hosted email services are based on monthly rental and other features, which gets charged irrespective of actual usage.

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https and URL canonical support from S3

The main disadvantage of hosting static websites from S3 is, there is no native https/SSL enabled for S3 website endpoints,it supports only http endpoint, to get around this, https/SSL termination can be enabled at cloudfront distribution for S3 website using ACM feature of AWS, so websites accessed using cloudfront ( Route 53 and cloudfront alias), will support http/https traffic. More details on this on enabling https for S3 using cloudfront can be found here

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Website SEO optimization

For self-managed websites, Optimization for SEO need to be considered for improving search engine rankings, I validated the current SEO rankings from multiple sites for this site, main fixes recommended by lots of SEO checkers are:

  1. HTML compressions for faster page loads
  2. Enable sitemap/robots.txt
  3. CSS Minification
  4. Social Media Check
  5. Key work Usage Test

Quantified score for this website before optimiation was 71/100 Before SEO

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Migration from Travis CI to AWS CodeBuild

Since this is a static website, conversion of markdown to html was performed by Jekyll engine whenever any commit to github repository is performed. Travis CI was very good to integrate with github for all build/deployment of this website.The website has dependency on mainly 3 services viz github for editing markdown,Travis CI for build/deployment, AWS for hosting/caching the website.

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