Website SEO optimization

For self-managed websites, Optimization for SEO need to be considered for improving search engine rankings, I validated the current SEO rankings from multiple sites for this site, main fixes recommended by lots of SEO checkers are:

  1. HTML compressions for faster page loads
  2. Enable sitemap/robots.txt
  3. CSS Minification
  4. Social Media Check
  5. Key work Usage Test

Quantified score for this website before optimiation was 71/100 Before SEO

After performing HTML compression and enabling sitemap and robots.txt, the score improved to 84/100 After SEO

This is good improvement, will work towards improving the score to 90/100.

Update 1: Cloudfront was not showing custom 404 error page, this is due to directly using S3 bucket as Origin for cloudfront, when changed this to use S3 public endpoint,it fixed the issue

Update 2: After implementing url cannonical implementation as discussed here, score has improved to 92/100 and goal accomplished. After SEO 2