Python Vaccine API Implementation

Currently Govt has open sourced covid vaccine availability API’s in India as given here, Vaccine slots are limited and difficult to know when those slots gets opened. Here is simple bot created to monitor the vaccine slots and notify interested users when those slots are available.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json,urllib3,datetime,time,logging,telegram,configparser
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Systemd timers for cron activities

Cron utility in Linux has been helpful to schedule tasks to run at a scheduled time. A few of the disadvantages of cron are

  1. If Instance/server is not available/down at the cron schedule, cron doesn’t run those tasks until the next event is triggered
  2. If the cron task need to run other tasks after running the main task at the scheduled time, there are only hacks to create this dependency
  3. If the cron task needs to run within a given time interval to avoid running at the same time
  4. If a cron task needs to run after an event, such as 3 minutes after the system restarted. Cron doesn’t support this functionality
  5. To check the status of the last cron task to see if it ran/failed with logs
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S3 website public access prevention

S3 public websites have limitation to access only using http and not https, this can be addressed using cloudfront(http/https) as frontend of website and S3 public website as backend(http). However both frontend and backend can be accessed separately and can be considered as duplicates.

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Serverless Enterprise Logging issues

While developing and deploying Function as a service(Faas) applications leveraging AWS Lambda ,API Gateways etc. Serverless frameworks promised to keep development and deployments simple and enabling public cloud of choice.

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