Scalable,Secure Blog in AWS

With a plan to build self managed blog platform which would inifinetly scale ,secure,flexible and cost effectiveness as key design principles below are details.

Design Principles:

  • Scale
    • The content should be static with no web servers to manage, AWS S3 supports this out of box.
    • By going with static pages, it also helps to improve latency by take advantage of content delivert networks (CDN), Hence will use Cloudfront
    • uses of Alias Feature from Route 53, which can scale to millions of requests
  • Secure
    • all traffic should be https (TLS1.1), will make use of cloudfront to redirect http traffic to https
    • As this site uses github to host data, should ensure that no sensitive information is exposed
  • Flexibility
    • should leverage existing open source framework, hence this uses Jekyll based Hydeout theme
    • Editing should be user friendly, uses github pages feature and most of IDEs supports this.
    • to support Continous Intergration (CI), this makes use of travis CI for building and deployment to AWS
  • Cost Effectiveness
    • Fixed costs in this setup is incurred only at Route 53 Hosted zone, $0.5/month for one TLD
    • by using cloudfront(https) with alternate domain name feature, certification cost will be zero
    • DNS variable costs are avoided by using Alias record set
    • variable costs based on traffic is incurred for S3/Cloudfront.
    • overall all the costs should not exceed $2/month for all this setup